Aura and chakra scanning

Aura and chakra scanning courses in India

Aura is an energy field around a physical body that connects to other subtle bodies. Carries an imprint of your inner desires and emotions, the aura has seven types of different layers around the physical body that are directly responsible for one’s vitality and health. We do have distinctive aura types within us such as emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual and divine aura. Each aura does carry a particular color and vibrations. People who do not have deflated Aura, are considered as healthy. And to learn such aura and chakra courses, switch to Healing Urja, which offers the top aura and chakra scanning courses in India.

With the help of aura scanning one can know the size of the aura, is it a weak or strong aura and shape of the aura. And in that accordance the healing methods are prescribed such as reiki, pranik healing, etc. You can compare the color shape and size of their aura to the previous one after taking the healing sessions. Most importantly you will also experience positive change in their life.

Aura & Chakra Scanning

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word cakram which means wheel. Chakras are supposedly the anchors of our spirit. There are seven major centers of energy and several minor ones in the hands and feet. When your chakras all spin clockwise, you are aligned according to some system of belief.

Chakra can be different in size, resonance and frequency levels subject to major changes in one’s life upheavals in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual states of the body will reflect in one’s energy field which is invisible to the naked eye. It is possible to detect the presence of these energies, with modern aura imaging tools, and it is possible to see your personal AURA and Energy Vortexes (CHAKRAS).

A typical Chakra scanning test would show :
The current alignment of your 7 (seven) chakras
The flow of balanced/ unbalanced energies in all chakras
Interpretation of positive and negative flow of energies
Affected by the related chakra, Endocrine glands & Organs.
Position of each chakra, and the direction, planet, element, mantra.
Frequency, volume, size & colour of each chakra
Energy color in our seven chakras

Crown Experience – The color seen over your head is what you experience for yourself now. Its the color that would best describe you.

Third Eye Celestial – Third eye’s colour tells about your spiritual state. Your insights, celestial dreams and spiritual guides also affect this chakra.

Throat Communication – The color on the throat is traditionally energy actively being expressed or held back. It could be a laugh or a song.

Heart Empathy – The color of your heart is usually the force coming into your being.

Solar Plexus Self Esteem – The color of the solar plexus is usually the center vibration of your being. It is the most common center for suppressed desires and feelings.

Sacral Relationship – The energy coming from the sacral area is what sparks all creative and social impulses. It emanates sexual desires, but also feelings of love.

Root Survival – The color of the root area is generally the energy of the physical plane and the person’s common reality. This is where all impulses for emotions begin.

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