Level 3. MASTER HEALER LEVEL. Reiki Level IIIA (Duration : 2 Day)

A person attuned to this level is called a ‘Master Healer’. This level is atleast 10 times more powerful than the second level. At this level, a healer is capable of sending Reiki by thought alone. During the cleansing process after this attunement, the channel might experience a variety of things. Since this degree causes spiritual healing, it causes some people to have strange dreams, remember past life experiences, or resolve long-standing fears. The attunement to this level takes about a day.

With regular practice, the healer will find that just thinking about something will cause that person/ event to receive Reiki energy. Positive thinking becomes essential at this level, as any negative thought might just come true.

Reiki Level IIIB

Karuna reiki one of the many wonderful characteristics of Karuna Reiki is its inherent potential to increase our ability to discern spiritual guidance. This can be very valuable to help develop new, effective healing techniques. I plan to write, frequently about new techniques that Karuna Reiki® is teaching us and share them with you in Reiki News. As we know, Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. The integration of Karuna Reiki® into a treatment has helped activate new channels for the guiding energies to communicate techniques that may be unique to a particular situation. After implementing new techniques they often evolve so that they can be used in many circumstances. There are many symbols given by INDIAN deities.

Reiki Level 4 This is Master Teacher Level (Duration : 3 Day)

In this level student can attune any one for 1st and 2nd level . and can clean and charge the chakras.and aura.

Reiki Level 5 This is Grand Masters Level (Duration : 3 Day)

In this level student can attune anyone for all the levels and and scan the chakrs and aura through tools and scanners.