Level 6. Grandmasters Level.

Grandmasters Level.

The Grand Master level of Reiki allows the Reiki practitioner to initiate (attune) others to all the levels in Reiki. Grand Master is for the true and dedicated seekers of Divine Love and Divine Oneness. This course is available after Reiki Master level have been completed. The training program at this level can teach all levels and also can initiate Master and Grand Master.

Traditional Reiki Grand Master is knowing how to activate gateway chakras above crown. How to align the energies of the gateway chakras to the human body.

A spiritual lifestyle that is very essential to hold the energies of the gateway chakras. Dos and Don’ts to maintain the state of consciousness of each gateway chakra

This attunement is an Advanced Reiki Master course that can help you improve your skills as a Reiki Master with symbol and techniques not taught in Usui Reiki courses. With this system you can learn to channel new energies to help you attain a higher level of healing. Each new attunement brings additional positive energy to the recipient.
You will be enabled to receive new energies either through inspiration and guidance, perhaps during meditation or you can ask to channel energies from various sources including ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Atlantis or Lemuria, Angels or Ascended Masters and many others. There are no limits as to the ways energy can be channeled. You may be inspired to work with “new” symbols, words, mantras, etc. Once you have decided on the energies you would like to work with you can use this system to help you attune yourself to them. The manual discusses how to create symbols and activation tools that can be used for yourself, or with your clients, how to improve your attunements and how to send an attunement through space and time – even backwards or forwards in time.

The three symbols taught in Advanced Reiki Master are:

  • *The Attunement Symbol – to aid you in receiving a new attunement
  • *The Connection Symbol – to strengthen the connection to the Infinite
  • *The Soul Symbol – helps open the crown chakra and connect to your Higher Self
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