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Your signature reveals the personality, you disclose much more about yourself when you sign your name in personal or professional communication. It gives great insight into your character and your innermost thoughts. Your style of signature reveals your personality traits enormously. And if you are looking around for the signature reading courses in India, then we at Healing Urja is the place that offers the best signature reading courses in India.

Just by analyzing signature Personality traits can be easily determined for instance like honesty, communication abilities, creativity, emotional stability and self-image. Social skills can be identified by the way you write the letters when you sign, which reveals your social personality, shyness, outgoing nature, confidence level. Join signature reading courses in India at Healing Urja. Here you will learn how to read the signatures and rectify them / and see how you change your life.

Signature Reading

A Signature makes a number of terms clear about the particular person like his/her character, capabilities, strength, weakness, reflections, authority, behavior pattern at large in public/stage/with common people. Moreover there is a public image that everyone wants to put in front in a dignified way. Personnel image can be determined by hand script or handwriting or the way the writer deals in a particular set of personality parameters, with close people and relatives.

With a minimum set of letters the signature gives maximum information about a person. At the personnel level and at the public level we find a lot of fellow surrounding you having entirely different images for instance – what a person’s personality is on the public level, is entirely different at a personal level. Depending on the difference in their handwriting/script and signature, people have two different images.

There are distinctive signature styles you may come across, that can be grouped as follows:

  • Underlining at upper zone /above the signature – It explains the spiritual/intellectual drive, self-consciousness, and leadership traits
  • The first letter in capital and in bigger size compared to other letters in the signature – It tells that the person is having the Personnel Personality Index and the writer is able to form his impression at the first meeting itself.
  • Break just after the first letter in the signature – Reveals the hesitation of the person, the id fearful.
  • The first letter limited to initials, second name/surname with all the details Thisntypeof person makes an initial impression but they fail to maintain it due to over-dependence on their parents. They give less priority to their own goals/vision/mission.
  • Legible signature – It reveals the potential of the person’s caliber and has created his own brand in the area of his interest. Such personality features at public and enjoys recognition, authority, quality, aspect of their own work.
  • Curved and smooth signature – Such sort of persons are gentle, charming, flexible, outgoing, sociable e.g. Example: Film actress Shri Devi’s signature.
  • Underline crossing the signature at the middle zone of letters – This style of signature tells about the person’s sacrifices, He is not able to justify/adjust to the outer world, self-destructive nature, inner fear.
  • Many underscoring – This reveals the person doubts his own public worth/importance.
  • The first letter was written in a small case with a bigger size – This sort of person has the usable skills that provide benefits to others. And also possess excellent communication (loud).
  • Large capitals – It tells about how they feel about their self that includes their creativity, pride, desire for greatness, extremely large size project inner fantasies and repressed wishes.
  • Large bottom loops – It indicates the strong need/desire for sexuality, money and material possession.
  • Ascending signature – Optimism, ambition, active sort of personality.
  • Descending signature – It tells that the person is pessimistic, depressed, fatigued, not goal-oriented.
  • Signature placed at the center – Reveals shy, wants to be in the center of things.
  • Signature smaller than a script – Writer is introvert natural submissive, mild, modest, insecure.
  • Signature bigger than the script tells that the person is extrovert, secure, contentious, over-reactive.
  • Illegible deformed crawled threaded signature – It clearly tells that the person has a high IQ but is not able to fulfill his own vision and mission. These traits are common in IAS officers. / secretaries, because their skill is used to fulfill the political motives.
  • Encircled signature – Tells the writer wants to hide or shelter from society, protective behavior, not able to utilize entrepreneurship.
  • Signature is written with greater speed than the script – Implies more confidence than actual, portrays good potential for improvements.
  • Signature is written at a slower speed than the script – Tells that writer has achieved better traits/ controls, he is reserved and careful to control his impulse.

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