Level 4. b. KARUNA REIKI


The word itself “Karuna” is of Sanskrit origin. It is related to the generic ideas and meanings of unconditional love, compassion, and spiritual evolution.
To make things more clear, Karuna refers to helping yourself as well as others because we are all one. In helping yourself heal you want to help others too because we are interconnected.
This process will extend even further, influencing many people, and in return, you will benefit as well.

In Karuna Reiki you learn by working with higher spiritual entities. You receive knowledge on how to forgive yourself and others. This is actually the core of any spiritual practice. By doing so, you release yourself of any negative strings that hold you from walking your sacred journey. All Reiki systems promote this concept but in Karuna Reiki, you dive even deeper. Another important difference is that at Karuna Reiki level 1, you do receive some symbols. Therefore you get into advanced practices right from the start.

Karuna Reiki Levels

To make things easier and help the practitioner have a more harmonious and discerning development, Karuna Reiki has been split into 3 levels:

  • Beginner – here you will get in tune with Karuna and the way it feels like. Unlike Usui Reiki, at this level, you receive some of the sacred symbols that will be very useful for your spiritual journey.
  • Intermediate – after getting a better understanding of the first degree of Karuna Reiki, the intermediate level will give you access to even higher vibrational symbols and their energies.
  • Advanced – in Karuna Reiki, at the Master Level, you receive access to all meditations as well as the master symbol.
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