Past life regression

Is Past Life Regression True ?

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a technique that uses Hypnosis to recover the memories of past lives or incarnation. It is one of the best techniques to energize the soul of individual by making them to journey into their past lives. PLR is a wonderful healing process as it works deeper on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. PLR provides us the resolution of anxiety attacks, chronic pain, depression, fears that quite do not make sense. Its main objective is to make life easier, better and more fulfilling, in this present moment. Past Life Regression works on the root cause and it enables extremely deep change to take place at the very source of the problem. PLR is based on the principles of cause and effect (also known as law of karma). Many of us have pain, fears, phobias, negative thoughts of attitudes that we know could not have originated in our childhood. Often, the cause can be found in a much larger story from past life that is simmering just below the surface. This cause may be a past desire, a past thought, past feeling, a past emotion, a past vow, a past promise, a past decision, a past evasion or a past traumatic experience. PLR is a therapy that delves into the past to make the present better. It is based on the philosophy that we are eternal souls who carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another. As eternal beings, we experience physical life on earth in a series of human bodies. On a spirit level, we choose each life as a means of learning the lessons we have decided for ourselves.

Is Past Life Regression True ?

In Regression Therapy, we follow the current symptoms back to their source or cause and we encourage the story to unfold. Past-Life-Regression helps individuals to understand the karmic patterns involved and the resultant energy blockages. Its main goal is to experience what happened – focusing on particular defeats. It allows us to uncover the blocked energy that needs to be set free. Regression Therapy releases these stuck patterns bringing about Self-understanding, forgiveness and healing. Past-Life-Regression helps us to explore our past lives and through this exploration we realize that we are eternal beings.This is a part of the shamanic traditions too where they call it Journeying..or soul retrieval.These traditions come from a people we would refer to as uncivilized or who have tribal roots. Yet our anthropologists and psychiatrists are still wrapping their brains around how the human mind works. Many of them adopted techniques from these so called uncivilized people and we call ourselves civilized.In our smugness we have created a limited world with limited perception. We meet again and again to take up relationships and learn from these relationships. At a very very physical level this gives hope and gives you strength to carry on while you wait for the loved one to return in other forms and relationships. At the level of the atma, it spells permanency and underlines the fact that when we think that we are permanent on this earth, we are delving deep into our subconscious awareness that we are not this body and that we are permanent residents of the universe. That is the awareness that we need to cling to. That is the awareness that we need to make permanent in our conscious lives so that we can move towards an understanding of the cycles and mechanisms of existence.

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